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Need this. This wil be an instant buy.

Great to see. Im curious to know what the specific difference will be between the max and C4D versions. Does the Max version use procedural shaders and the C4D version use a collection of bitmap based textures? I'm always a little wary of shader balls - look great but often the material tile is so small the repetition on a large surface is really noticeable, especially with things like marble. Substance source is very guilty of this. Are you planning to perhaps show some scenes with larger surface areas showing off how they expand to larger surface areas? 

Yes, some scenes will be rendered. But, large marble slabs is a little complicated to scan. My scanner can at once scan only 28 x 150 cm area.
In future this is planed and agreed with one company. Currently marbles (and other stones) are (real size) 1 - 1.5 sq.m.

Silestone Is  great source for high res "slab" textures (1:1), you can download a zip of each color on their site

Querkus Oak offers a large high res collection of oak wood textures. Can be ripped from their site (as I did 2000x4000px).


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