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Thanks! Very tempting.

SIGERSHADERS™ for Corona | Cinema 4D update v.2.5

* Added new category Tiles (48 materials. Requires Corona Renderer v.7.x).
* Added new texture maps (126).

It's time to update the major Sigershaders for Corona | C4D version.
What is planned and underway:
Redesign of all materials;
Most of the materials will be Physical material based (requires Chaos Corona v.8.x);
Separate library databases for C4D R21-R24 and R25+ (Content Browser/Assets Browser);
All texture maps will be inserted into the database (no longer downloadable separately);
Material assets will be saved in the database, not C4D scenes containers (direct drag'n'drop to material editor or object);
Scenes for testing materials;
New texture maps and corrected old ones...
Around 20% of the work is now complete.
There will be a change in pricing to a subscription-only model from the moment the new version is available. For active Maintenance Plan users nothing changes (the price remains the same), Box license users will be able to upgrade to the new version with a €50 discount on the sign-up fee.
Purchasing a license with a Maintenance Plan now (before the new version is available) will be slightly cheaper than later.


* 100% redesigned old materials (Requires Chaos Corona 8 ).
* Added new materials (Inserted in database).
* Added new texture maps (Inserted in database).
* Separate databases for Content Browser and Assets Browser.
* All necessary bitmap texture maps are embedded in the databases.
* Updated User Guide.
* Added scene presets to the database for material testing.

For a limited period of time, users of a legacy Box licence can fill in this form and receive a €50 discount coupon on the subscription sign-up fee:

Thank you!

All downloaded and installed in S26.

Is there something special I need to do to make the metallic carpaints load into a scene with the layers working?


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