Author Topic: Access image buffer data with maxscript  (Read 491 times)

2022-09-21, 14:19:27


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In Vray the following works for bitmap saving.
In Corona I don't know how to do this.

Code: [Select]
corona = renderers.current    --This works getting the current renderer
corona.output_on = true        --No idea how to do this with Corona
corona.output_splitgbuffer = true        --No idea how to do this with Corona

corona.output_splitfilename = fooFileNamePath       --No idea how to do this with Corona

This is the solution to resolve the problem I described at the following location:


2022-09-22, 09:38:06
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I think it's a misunderstanding. When using Corona, 3ds Max handles the file outputs at the moment. You cannot just set properties of another engine, they do not exist. However, you can access the frame buffer data like this and do anything in a script with it:

Code: [Select]
-- for all engines:
display render1

-- Corona VFB access. 0 is channel beauty, the booleans mean postprocessing and renderstamp included yes/no:
render2=CoronaRenderer.CoronaFP.getVFBContent 0 true true
display render2

Usually you can find that information here:

But for some unknown reason it's down atm.

Good Luck

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