Author Topic: Controlling Glossiness of Several Materials From One Place  (Read 545 times)

2022-08-13, 13:24:58


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I have about 60 materials with 60 different maps of different pieces of an oil painting. The glossiness of each piece is the same. Textures will not change during the animation but I may need to change glossiness and reflection amounts from time to time.

These 60 materials may be sub materials of a Multi-Sub Object Material. I wonder if there is a method to change the glossiness of all 60 materials from one place. Wire parameters is not an option. A separate reflective layer like the clearcoat -as we often use it- is not what I want either, however I'd like to know if it would work like the primary glossiness channel to achieve the look of oil paint, and what numbers should I set for the reflection, roughness... values of the base materials?

2022-08-13, 17:53:31
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You can probably use one corona color map and control the value with the output parameter and then instance that map to any other material which needs the same value. Takes the same time as setting the parameter would take.
You could also use a layered material, use the multisub material in the base slot (without any reflection, just the diffuse map), then add another layer with full metallic reflection and use a Fresnel map as mask for that layer. That way reflection would be a separate material easily controlled from one place.

2022-08-13, 20:17:15
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Do yourself a favor, download and install this wonderful script Batch Material Editor by Nik from here: With its help you can edit almost every single parameter of thousands Corona materials with just one or two mouse clicks. Incredible time saver!
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2022-08-17, 14:42:05
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Could this not be done by using a simple float controller in the slate editor thats connected to all of the materials?
This is how i usually control multiple materials spinners all at once.