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Hah crazy!  Yes, I've had issues with my viewport since the last version or two as well.  I'll start seeing 'through' elements that I shouldn't.  I have to go to 'Flat Color' to fix it, but I was in 'Flat Color' basically just hit that setting again.  And yeah I'm showing some textures in viewport.

Same here - many issues with geometry display in viewports lately, that looks like viewport clipping, but it isn't. Switching between different shading modes helps, but usually only temporary.

Moving the topic to bug reporting board.

can't get clouds to appear in the sky with sept. version, followed every setting used by Mr. Tom on YouTube illustration. help am using 3dsmax 2023

Check the clouds playground topic, there are some reports about issues with some files required by the new sky model, not being copied to correct place if multi-loaders are used. Ther's also some workarounds listed before devs will issue proper fix.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Pattern
« on: 2022-09-12, 20:46:45 »
That Arroway gravel piece is colored by single big map which can be offset with UVW Randomizer. That will solve 90perc. of the tiling. Rarely you need more than few square meters of this type of designed arch gravel. And that quality will never be matched even remotely by scatter.

I'm not sure if i understand how that Arroway asset looks. I thought it's a bunch of pebbles which was pre-simulated and baked into single mesh. How could you offset its texture if it's single map? Wouldn't that create obvious mismatch between geometry and texture then?

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Pattern
« on: 2022-09-12, 19:46:41 »
I would argue that the scatter is better suited tool for things like gravel, than the pattern is. For one, it's so much easier to get decent assets for the scatter than for the pattern. Heck, you can even generate few spheres, add some noise deformation, spherically map any rock like texture on top, scatter them up and it would look decent from any angle, except most extreme close-ups. As additional benefits - no repeating tiling, which is almost impossible to avoid with pattern and also you can add global dirt/variation texture on top (not available in pattern too).

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Light slows down Viewport
« on: 2022-09-12, 16:44:20 »
Just tested with 1000 instanced Corona lights in 3ds max 2023 and Corona 9. I can confirm that viewport FPS drops dramatically, but only with spherical light shape. All other shapes have much less impact on FPS. If it's possible, i'd suggest to change light shape, or use geometry and light material.

Sky/environment can only have spherical mapping. All other mapping will give you incorrect results. If you don't have spherical photo for the reflections, then try to use reflection cards with disabled GI contribution.

Only the first time. After that it takes a second, or less. I'm not sure where from this come from, because it's happening even when i reset render settings, delete all RE, replace HDRI from ultra high to normal resolution one and isolate render only single small object. But since it only happens on the first parsing, it doesn't bother me much.

To be honest, i almost never work with very heavy scenes, although it's quite subjective thing. Recently i got a pretty heavy scene with thousands of objects, over 2 thousands Corona lights, hundreds proxies, some of which contains over 20 million polys if converted to mesh. It also has quite a few 16 K+ textures, lots of badly constructed materials, half of which were not even converted from Vray. To my quite surprise, i had no issues with the scene. It was a bit on the slow side to navigate in the viewport and the first parsing took about 10-15 seconds, but everything else felt completely normal. Not sure if you'd consider such scene as particularly heavy and how this compares to your experience, but this is about as much as i can help in this regard, i think.

It's probably worth to mention what 3ds Max and Corona versions you are using, just in case that matters. Up until recently i worked with max 2016 on old pc and very old Windows 10 install and i had many issues with prolonged sessions, where Max would start throwing all kind of errors and eventually crash. Now i'm working with max 2023 on new pc and fresh Windows 10 install and i have no issues with prolonged sessions. Of course Max 2023 has many bugs and issues by itself, but they have nothing to do with how long i work without restart. The only thing that i noticed which might be related to to session length, is that Corona colour picker takes progressively longer to open - if at the start it opens in a fraction of a second, then after few hours there might be 2-3 seconds delay, which is pretty annoying. On the other hand, classic colour picker opens instantly all the time.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Thinking of switching to VRay
« on: 2022-09-10, 11:10:47 »
Yes, you could be right, but then again, i lost count how many times Ondra said that something can't be done because of 3ds Max limitations and then sometime later he pulls a rabbit out of the hat and give us an impossible feature :]

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Thinking of switching to VRay
« on: 2022-09-09, 22:13:13 »
Well, you said you are using it since forever, then i guess there is some point ;] Then also there's superior filtering algorithm, no fuss environment mapping, dome mode, correct handling of displacement maps, better RAM usage analysis and most recently - potential memory savings. Yes, it has some limitations and weaknesses, but it has some strong points too. I personally don't use it because of less convenience compared to Max bitmap and because of some other limitations, mentioned by Juraj and arqrenderz. It would be nice to see if Corona bitmap could get more love from devs, but i think it's time for me to give it a chance anyway.

[Max] I need help! / Re: fast preview denoise off by default
« on: 2022-09-09, 21:57:07 »
Turn off IR denoiser, set any other render setting you would like to have as default, then go to render setup>system>system settings and make sure that enable dev/debug mode is activated, then go to performance tab, expand dev/experimental rollout and press save defaults button.

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