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Thanks a lot Romullus for your explanation and sample files. This is now logged.

(Internal ID=959488670)

Gallery / Re: NEST
« on: 2022-09-05, 16:26:44 »
Incredible work. Thank you for sharing!

What exactly do you mean by "render manager"? Is it Backburner or some other app?

Random idea, but it might work:
- open your scene
- go to Render Setup > Common
- unlock the small "lock" icon at the top of the window
- select the viewport you wish to render
- lock the small "lock" icon again
This is known to cause various issues and sometimes doing this helps.

Other than that, you were experiencing the "freeze unless VFB is moved" issue in the past. Could it be related? Did you manage to somehow get rid of it?

You are also welcome to contact us at and share your problematic scene and full logs.

If you haven't done it yet, please submit a support ticket here and attach your scene to it:
So far, we are unable to reproduce the issue on our end. We will gladly test other scenes you can provide.

I'm experiencing the same problem.. randomly 3ds max crashes with the compact material editor. I'm running corona 8 hf2

Please share a minidump file here:
Here is how to capture it:
Please also remember to specify which exact version of Corona and 3ds Max you are using.
By checking the minidump we should be able to tell what is going on.

Hi, this does seem to make sense, but...

so that it is not running continuously throughout the rendering process and using up resources that could be used toward the cleaning up the image you have some measurements that would confirm that B&G is really significantly impacting render times?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Thinking of switching to VRay
« on: 2022-09-02, 15:35:30 »
Update: We do have some related internal tasks logged, and an ongoing discussion with iToo. Please understand that our resources are limited (limited number of developers working on a large list of bugfixes/feature requests) so making decisions on prioritization isn't easy. We *hope* that we will finally have the time to fix this along with some other iToo-related issues in Corona 10. It is currently on top of our *tentative* priority list. At this moment I can only suggest the usual - please track our roadmap:
Once we will be closer to working on this, we will definitely include it on the public list.

Yes, that's right, but there's nothing special in the textures, except their naming.

Do you mean the file names or the names of textures in the material editor in 3ds Max? (or something else?)

So how I understand it so far is that these are the requirements:
- textures with special naming (waiting for clarification)
- mesh objects with special UVs prepared for UDIM workflow
- support in Corona <-- we have it working partly, but having these name tags would make life much easier

Do you have any special mesh like this that we could experiment on, or could you point me to some place where they can be downloaded/bought?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Thinking of switching to VRay
« on: 2022-09-02, 15:15:12 »
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will find out what internal tasks we have logged for this and what our current plans are and will do my best to log here as much information as possible.

Sorry for this silly question, but I would just like to understand the situation better:
Using Chaos Scatter instead of Forest Pack is not a viable solution for you in this case? Could you explain why? Is it mainly because of the amount of manual work that would be needed?

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2022-09-02, 15:01:54 »
/prompt "highly detailed clouds over a stormy sky", in the style of renaissance painting, earthly tones

looks great! :)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-09-02, 14:12:07 »
Update and also we need some further clarification from you!
Please note: things like "we will consider this" are not in any way a guarantee that it will make it to V9 or there is any specific date we can expect it. It's just on our devs' todo.

--------- here is where we need some help / clarification ---------

Improve the way Corona Pattern segments connect with each other ("weld seams") to prevent visible seams
This would be technically very hard to do. We can consider this if we receive multiple requests with reasonable use cases.

it's nice that we have an option to choose UVWs between pattern and base objects, but sometimes (quite often) i want to have both. Maybe good solution would be to have dedicated surface map, like Chaos Scatter has, which would let to get base object's colours without sacrificing pattern object's UVs. In fact both, the Scatter and The Pattern could share the same map
just once again faced with such a need, after all, when you make carpets or fabric, it is very important to be able to impose, say, a print on top of the finished product, while maintaining the texture coordinates for individual fibers on the pattern itself
so +1 for this feature
@Marchik + @Romullus + anyone else who would like this - Could you please describe the exact use case for this? I think we do understand what is being requested, but we do not understand why.

Randomization per pattern node in Multimap and UVW Randomize
@Marchik + anyone who finds this useful - can you explain in what exact scenario you would use this?
Let's say that we are making a pattern (repeating some geometry tile). If we use the Multimap or UVW Randomizer, this will affect each tile creating visible color/texturing differences between each tile. How is this useful? (in what practical cases) Otherwise, we can use the Mesh Element randomization to have a different color of each tile part (e.g. one carpet strand in case of scattering a tile consisting of many strands).

random offset is nice, but it has big drawback - it makes seams by not respecting pattern boundaries. I would love to have an option to distort pattern with map, or with in-built noise, that would preserve pattern boundaries. It would be basically the same as distorting base object's UVs, but on much finer level.
@Romullus - can you explain what exactly you meant here?

Ability to use whole groups/hierarchies as the pattern node
@Romullus + Others - We need a better example here to understand why it is needed. The workaround is to collapse the group/hierarchy into a single mesh. If anyone desperately needs this feature, please explain why, and why collapsing the object into one is not good enough.

Scaling Corona Pattern tiles individually so that they could overlap with each other / Offset and scaling randomization in CPattern
We believe his is a better job for Scatter. If you have some specific example where you would like to use this with CPattern, please share it here.

--------- the fate of other reports ---------

Rotate CPattern without having to adjust base object UVWs
- We will consider adding rotation / random rotation to each CPattern tile. Adjusting the UVWs must be done for the base object so we can only recommend applying UVW modifiers (e.g. UVW XForm and changing the overall rotation).

Corona Pattern - "Fit in custom object space" option for the Crop Box
- We will consider this, the idea is generally making the crop box adjustments easier.

Randomize the rotation of CPattern tiles
- Will be considered.

Automatic capping of the pattern geometry
- We will consider this.

An option for the CPattern crop box to always remain visible in viewport
- We will consider this.

Better indication of the pattern offset in the gizmo/helper
- We will consider this.

Ability to project CDecal on top of CPattern with "use pattern material" option enabled
- This is being fixed right now.

Some issues with IR updates
- This is being fixed right now.

Pattern changing in some cases when the pattern node object is moved/rotated/scaled
- We will attempt to fix this.

Right-click menu for pattern node selection
- Will be added.

Ability to use more than 1 pattern node
- This is not in the current scope of CPattern.

Great, waiting for updates then. :)

Please do and if it still crashes, let us know here.
Also, does it happen in any scene (even fresh) or only in some specific scene? What I am trying to figure out is whether it crashes when rendering a default shaderball or some specific material.

Hi Maru. Thanks for getting back. It happens in fresh and existing scenes.

So you are experiencing the same thing with Corona 8 HF2?

Please do and if it still crashes, let us know here.
Also, does it happen in any scene (even fresh) or only in some specific scene? What I am trying to figure out is whether it crashes when rendering a default shaderball or some specific material.

So let's say that you have a model of a car and textures in a special UDIM format. You can then texture the car using a bunch of UDIM textures with the special tag in one go, instead of having to manually apply each texture to a different area / material ID.
Is that right or does it work in a different way?

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