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Ha, good find. Yes same for me! Works on a proxy I got from Chaos. Not on self-made geo.

@romullus; it's definitely working as a trimmer as I expected (see how ForestPack works)... which is exactly how it should work. Just not for all geometry at the moment.

Can you share an example where it is not working with some geometry or with your own geometry?

Can you show your setup and the result that you get? There shouldn't be any "slice effect" - edge trimming is removing whole mesh elements that falls outside of scattered area.

Works with grass downloaded from cosmos, but not with geometry create by myself (cube).

A single box is a single element. Try with a clump of grass consisting of many elements.
It considers the pivot of the element, not its bounding box. So any element whose pivot is outside of the defined area will disappear (grass blade growing on a plane will be visible, grass blade growing outside of plane will disappear). We may consider the bounding box or or other methods of trimming in future versions too.

can't find this chaos scatter edge trimming map on the chaos category of the material editor. remember i followed d exact steps in installing and running the daily build. any help

You need to install Corona 9 RC1 -

And then you should see it in the material editor:

Haven't tried it yet. But it sounds extremely cumbersome to make this work. Imagine several objects with a multimaterial each.
That's not userfreindly.

Agreed - it's a nightmare with ForestPackPro. I was really hoping Corona would be able to make an improvement on this, very disappointed

From the playground thread:

Currently, you need to manually (or using a script) connect the Edge Trimming map to the opacity slots of each of the materials you are using for your scattered instances. This can be challenging, especially in case of scattering models with many different materials. We are planning to improve this workflow.

"Added new ChaosScatterEdgeTrimming map (under Chaos Scatter category). Can be plugged into opacity slot of model object's material to perform trimming of its whole individual mesh elements (e.g. grass blades in grass patches) for each instance alongside Include/Exclude splines and target object's boundaries"

I cannot for the life of me, get this to work... I have the ChaosScatterEdgeTrimming map plugged in to the material for the scatter object (do I need to plug anything into that, for it to work?). It I have Scatter build Sept 29 (RC1) installed. I can see the texture node, obviously, but no additional settings in the Scatter modifier list/settings?

Maybe the attached image helps?

[Max] Daily Builds / Chaos Scatter Edge Trimming Playground!
« on: 2022-09-30, 14:38:39 »
Corona 9 RC1 comes with a new Chaos Scatter Edge Trimming feature!

Where to find it?
It's a new ChaosScatterEdgeTrimming map you can find in the material editor under the Chaos Scatter category.

How to use it?
You need to plug your Edge Trimming map into the opacity slot of the material of the object that you are scattering (in case of multiple objects - you need to plug this map into the opacity slot of every material used). If any part of the instance (any mesh element) falls outside of the area specified by the scatter, this part will be invisible. This area area can be specified using:
- The distribute-on target object itself (in case of scattering on a plane object, any instance part outside of the plane object will be invisible)
- Include splines (any instance part outside of the include spline will be invisible)
- Exclude splines (any instance part inside the include spline will be invisible)
There is no need to enable any special options in the Chaos Scatter object itself.

Where is this useful?
- Grass lawns - in case of using large grass clumps, no grass blades will be growing outside of the defined area (defined by the distribute-on object or by include/exclude splines)
- Carpets - in case of using large clumps of strands, no strands will be placed outside of the carpet area
- Pebbles, rocks, bark chippings, or any other objects which you need to distribute within some specific boundary and make sure no instances stick outside of that boundary.

What are the limitations?
- This feature comes with a certain precision. In case of distributing a model consisting of a lot of elements (think 10 000 elements or more), it would be too slow to check the position of each one of them. This means that trimming works best with models consisting of as few elements as possible, but at the same time, this limitation should not be a problem in usual scattering scenarios (scattering grass, trees, rocks, etc).
- When the distribute-on object is smaller than the model object itself, some issues may appear where the instances would stick outside of the expected area. The solution in this case is to make the scattered instances smaller. This also should not be a problem in usual use cases, because in practice it would mean having a smaller grass lawn area than a single grass patch.
- Currently, you need to manually (or using a script) connect the Edge Trimming map to the opacity slots of each of the materials you are using for your scattered instances. This can be challenging, especially in case of scattering models with many different materials. We are planning to improve this workflow.

Edge Trimming on:

Edge Trimming off:

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Double Sided Decal
« on: 2022-09-29, 18:05:51 »
In Max, you can do it with a FrontBack map. I am not 100% sure if this map exists in C4D, but if  not, there should be some native equivalent - something like 2-sided or normal shader.

Where are you saving to? Local folder? Network location?
Also, which exact version of Corona is this?

Check out this part
"My caustics progressively disappear, there are black spots visible on my rendered caustics!"

of this article:

I understand that our Help Center is not organized well (we are working on this!), but please note that the search option works quite well. :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Sky and Sun, by default
« on: 2022-09-29, 16:50:06 »
I don't think anything was changed here. The Sun+Sky always needed exposure between -3 and -4 (when not using any highlight compression) in outdoor scenes. Maybe you were used to interior scenes, where exposure close to the value of 0 would work better?
You can also enable the ACES OT operator as it makes the image bit darker and recovers highlights.

Ok, hear me out, I'm going a little crazy here. Corona Daily Sept 26, Max 2023.1, Windows 10.

I have started 2 support tickets for you (58843, 58844). Please check your inbox at i***@**********

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Smart sharpening/blurring
« on: 2022-09-29, 13:27:16 »
A pretty wild request, so I am not sure what is its viability, but logged nonetheless :)

(Internal ID=972107767)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: License
« on: 2022-09-29, 10:48:39 »
@creo3d @masterzone

The old licensing system was limited in terms of managing licenses accurately. To compensate for this and make sure customers would never be without the licenses they paid for, we set up a buffer that would sometimes overestimate the number of active licenses available for use. That's what happened in your scenario since you were able to use that many licenses.
The new licensing accurately counts the number of licenses you should have access to at any given time. The number of computers specified in each product package has not changed, and the number of licenses you're entitled to hasn't changed.
Each license can be used only on a single machine at a time, you are unable to use one single license on more than one machine simultaneously.
The solution if needed is to purchase the extra licenses required - either full licenses or render nodes - so that the licenses you have access to matches the needs of your situation (number of users, number of machines, etc.) as per the terms of the EULA.
Let us know if you need any further assistance.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: License
« on: 2022-09-28, 13:31:50 »
I think there is some confusion here.

One workstation package is 1 interface license and 1 render node license.

This means that one workstation license can be used on 2 computers in total (one is showing the interface and not rendering, the other one is rendering only without showing the interface).

This is explained here along with some example scenarios (e.g. "I have 1 computer only", "I have one workstation and 1 render node", etc):

It is very easy to tell how many licenses you need.
For any computer where you are physically using the host app (Max or C4D) without doing any rendering, you need 1 interface license.
For any computer where you are rendering only, without showing the host app at all (command-line rendering, using render managers, etc), you need 1 render node license.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: UHD Cache / 4K Cache
« on: 2022-09-28, 13:22:32 »
Is it possible to add this feature:

When the user clicks UHD Cache or 4K Cache and specify the cache location. The Cache file will automatically generate from a specified frame or frame 1 as "Calculate from scratch" and then it automatically proceeds to render from a "load from file" cache file in backburner or any network renderer.

But that could be confusing too, especially for users who are not familiar with the new behavior.

I think its waste of time and focus to do these repetitive steps. It helps because when a user is in a deadline and is about to render its important to maintain focus. It could be that the user happens misses to one of these mundane steps and the cost is always go back to 1 and repeat or it creates a user error and mess up the Cache.

1. Set animation to single in the common file
2. Go to Scene> Progressive Rendering Limits>Past Limit =2
3. Go to Performance>Cache>Precomputation=Calculate from Scratch
4. Click Render
5. Go to Performance>Cache>Precomputation=Load From File
6. Go back to Common panel>Time Output Frames = Range

Point 1 is not necessary. You don't have to change the mode from animation to single frame. Even if the cache gets overwritten (for example cache from frame 2 is saved instead of the cache from frame 1), it does not matter because it will be almost the same and will result in the same render.

Point 2 is not the best idea. Rendering 2 passes can take a long time, especially if the frame is in high resolution. The better solution is to set a time limit of 1s. Then the cache will get calculated and the rendering will just immediately stop.

But other than that, I agree that the current workflow is not optimal. We should improve it.

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