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At work we recently upgraded from Corona 7.0 to 9.0
Suddenly we experience lot's of noise in our renders and the overall look seems less bright.

The exact same scene rendered in Corona 7 is noise free after 8 passes with full denoise.
But rendered with Corona 9 some areas experience noise.

Corona 07:

Corona 09:

[Max] I need help! / Access image buffer data with maxscript
« on: 2022-09-21, 14:19:27 »
In Vray the following works for bitmap saving.
In Corona I don't know how to do this.

Code: [Select]
corona = renderers.current    --This works getting the current renderer
corona.output_on = true        --No idea how to do this with Corona
corona.output_splitgbuffer = true        --No idea how to do this with Corona

corona.output_splitfilename = fooFileNamePath       --No idea how to do this with Corona

This is the solution to resolve the problem I described at the following location:



I had a problem with setting an output batch via code in Maxscript 3D studio max.
When creating the batch and output to a png file, the render crashes using the backburner system via netrendering.
Code: [Select]
batchRenderMgr.netRender = true
nameFile = getFilenameFile(maxfilename)

perspCamObj = getnodebyname "PERSP_CAM"
perspCamBatch = batchRenderMgr.CreateView perspCamObj
perspNameCam = nameFile + "_" + = perspNameCam
perspCamBatch.outputFilename = maxFilePath + perspNameCam + ".png"

When setting the output manual (via the max batch dialog), the system renders fine via netrendering.

I found someone with a simular problem, but he uses Vray.

I can't find a way to bypass the problem using the Corona Render Engine the same way described in the link above.
Here they suggest the following for Vray render engine =>

Found a solution via another scripted file name attribute problem.
You have to create a bitmap and then parse the filename property of the bitmap instance to the intended attribute.
Here is an example with a similar problem when scripting the filename output property of vray render elements:
Code: [Select]
vr = renderers.current
vr.output_on = true
vr.output_splitgbuffer = true
/*here is where the joy starts, setting the name of the path and filename*/
fileName = outputFilename + "." + extension
/*now we create a temporary bitmap in that location*/
screwedBitmapCreation = Bitmap 10 10 fileName:fileName
/*save it and close it*/
save screwedBitmapCreation
close screwedBitmapCreation
/*now using the bitmap instance we parse the filename of
the bitmap to the render attribute .......LAME!!*/
vr.output_splitfilename = screwedBitmapCreation.filename

Any help would be appreciated to do this in Corona:
corona = renderers.current    --This works
corona.output_on = true        --No idea how to do this
corona.output_splitgbuffer = true        --No idea how to do this
corona.output_splitfilename = filenameForBitmap       --No idea how to do this



I have a rare issue with 3Dsmax (2021, 2022) when installing Corona Render engine 7.
3Dsmax has a share view feature to upload 3D to a cloud service for online view.

When installing the Corona render engine this feature disappears.

Any ideas?
Worked before with older Corona Render engine versions.

Hardware / Nvidia Cuda Cores
« on: 2021-05-11, 09:47:27 »

My system has a Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 card
Containing 2304 Cuda cores. In my understanding those cores can be adressed as CPU cores.

When I monitor the GPU in my task manager when rendering a Corona Render engine scene in my 3Ds max, I see no activity for the cuda cores.
I red that Corona Render engine is CPU based. But why isn't it usign the GPU cuda cores acting as CPU cores?


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