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Title: Rotatable rendered 3D-model on a website
Post by: Helldoor on 2021-07-06, 18:07:40
Hey there folks,

I'm not sure if this question belongs here, but as you guys are quite knowledgable, I thought I'd ask:
The agency I work with currently builds a website for a large, campus-like quarter, containing lots of building-modules, (inter)connected via 'floating' hallways. I was asked to make a very simple volume 3d-model, where the different stories get different colours to demonstrate the floor usage ("office", "shop", "cantine" etc.). The question was, if this simple model (a few boxes, more or less) can be rendered on a white background and made intercative (read: rotatable) for the website.

Here are some example links:

Has anyone here maybe already done something like that and can give me a tip?

Thanks in advance,