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Title: Best laptop for $1500
Post by: eosb on 2021-06-25, 16:47:30

Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times, but can someone recommend the best laptop for corona (and autocad lt) for around $1500?

Decent sized screen is a plus!

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Best laptop for $1500
Post by: Juraj on 2021-06-26, 10:01:45
Have a look at the latest AMD powered laptops from Lenovo and Asus from their gaming range. They're not beautiful...but they're really good price value.
They have 16&17" models, and they offer 2560px width screens. (1920px is bit too small for 15+ and 3840px is too much and too expensive).

Don't buy FULL AMD !! (AMD CPU and AMD GPU), buy version with AMD CPU (for Corona rendering) and nVidia GPU (For Optix real-time AI Denoiser).

Every laptop CPU is quite weak compared to desktop, but with real-time denoising in Interactive rendering, you won't even notice, it makes massive difference in workflow.