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AMD 12 core CPU and miniITX 32gb board


I am tempted to buy this set up for my mini-ITX renderfarm node, and was wondering if anybody have already used these specs?

AMD A10-7850K Kaveri 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU) 3.7GHz Socket FM2+ 95W

Does it really have 12 rendering cores? for only $160?

Also, I was looking for 32gb mini-ITX boards, and found this one that supports that AMD cpu mentioned above, was wondering, because this board only has 2 RAM slots so you have to use 16gb sticks which are for server.

Unfortunately no, despite AMD's creative (or rather confusing) use of tech vocabulary, it's quadcore with performance on the level of first-generation i3/i5 of the lowest clock. I.e, very poor for cpu perfomance, but that is not the point of these APU chips.

Also, highdensity (16+ GB ) ram modules are currently available only on server platform (registered --> RDIMM) within DDR3/DDR4, although DDR4 will soon come out with mainstream (non-registered --> UDIMM)  modules as well. Only later iterations of Intel LG-2011-3 will support those though (they will be able to reach 128GB with 16GB UDIMMs).
That means that while your linked (or any other) mainstream motherboard theoretically support high-density udimm modules, there are no such on market currently, and the registered ones can't be used since the motheboard doesn't support them.

Although it's unfortunate for us, I suggest staying away from AMD on CPU front when it comes to performance relaying industries like CG. They abandonded their focus on it few years ago and it's unclear if they'll be able to come back eventually (they have promised something in 2016).

Thanks for clarification, their marketing is indeed a bit confusing!

I always use Intel, and never kept track of AMD until I saw this new advertisement of "12 core" cpu, I thought they made some miracle for such low price.

This is the RAM module I was thinking about for that mini-ITX board to achieve 32gb:

They already have some 32gb modules out, looks like its going to be some crazy 2015 year!


--- Quote from: artmaknev on 2014-12-14, 23:33:47 ---

This is the RAM module I was thinking about for that mini-ITX board to achieve 32gb:

They already have some 32gb modules out, looks like its going to be some crazy 2015 year!

--- End quote ---

As I mentioned, that is Registered (sometimes also referred as "buffered" alternatively, it's the same thing) ECC ram, shortly RDIMM, of DDR3 generation, and has been available for many years now.
It's not compatible with mainstream boards/chips (the memory controler is on chip) but only those that do support this sort of memory( intended in 95perc. only for server grade chips, for Intel Xeons, and AMD Opterons predominantly).

Non-registered "UDIMM" memory modules both DDR3 and DDR4 still only come in 8GB modules top, this is because the major ram manufacturers (like Samsung) don't manufacture more than 4GB ram ICs, and those are stacked into 8GB modules for UDIMMs.
Higher than this is also issue for mainstream chips who don't posses necessary output drivers ( server chips do ), and why higher-density chips are registered to allow distributing the signals on the DIMMs to free up the CPU of doing so.

This will not change for DDR3, which is at the end of its cycle. DDR4 will probably come out with 16+GB modules in mainstream UDIMMs next year, although only latest and high-end platforms like LG-2011-3 will support those.

TL;DR Notes:

Mainstream CPU chips (AMD FX series, i3/i5/i7/etc...) + RDIMM = Not compatible
16GB UDIMM (same chips as above) ram modules = 2015+, only DDR4, probably only high-end platforms (LG 2011-3 but NOT Broadwell)

Thanks, I didn't know that!


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