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Hardware upgrade to make Corona faster.. What should I get?


My current rig is..
Intel core i7-4770K
GTX 650

So if I need to get faster performance, should I upgrade my Processor, or the RAM or both? and how much is the contribution of the RAM in the rendering process with Corona?

You are fine, there is nothing you can upgrade on your current workstation to increase performance. If you want 20-30+ perc. more performance, just overclock it.

Increase ram from 16 to 32 only if you need, which would help you work on larger scenes, have more programs open at same time, but it has no factor in performance. (unless your ram is already limiting you and you PC swaps to hardisk, which has heavy performance penalty).

If that's not enough, you need second (and third,fourth,fifth...and so goes the life of 3D) 'node'/PC-unit.

Thanks a lot, that was informative :)

Well, you can change your Ram/Motherboard/CPU and pick a 5820k (i'm not sure if the performance gain is too big) or a 5960x, the performance upgrade is bigger, but if you don't want to change all this, Juraj is right, nothing you can do apart from OC.

The second system as node is also a good option.



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