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PC Diagnostic software recommendations?

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I was actually ignorant to any 2990WX common issues. I guess this is the likely cause of my persistent problems then?

I wonder what I can upgrade to if I want to just replace the CPU (and maybe MB?)?

Nothing, X399 was dead-end platform, so no further options. And so was TRX40. AMD didn't do good job with keeping continuity sadly.

Any upgrade you might want, you will need to jump to new platform (CPU+Motherboard+DDR5).

2990WX was mostly very inconsistent with performance, it was heavily memory latency dependent (only half the cores can access memory, the other half have to go through that first half first).
It would work great under one situation, then badly under other..

Nowadays, that's no longer the case with any option on market. Even mainstream non-workstation platforms, like AMD Ryzen 9 7950X demolish the 2nd gen Threadrippers with 2x single-speed core, super consistent performance in every situation and can even support 192GB DDR5 memory, though it's bit tricky to get it work as well.

So I've bitten the bullet and asked for a new PC build...

I know there are other - more appropriate - threads to post and ask about this particular build, but seeing as I have your attention Juraj I thought I'd ask anyway...

Please see attached for what my guy has recommended me. I gave him a budget of €6000, he came in at about €5500 but I'm thinking at least I'll update to 4070 as AI and video editing is becoming common in my workflow these days...

Any thoughts? He also recommended water cooling as apparently this air-cooling solution barely fits (it won't allow for a dvd drive), but I'm SUPER scared of water cooling... I figure one day it will burst.

Many thanks mate. (Apologies, some of it is in Estonian)

Water cooling is fine, pre-made pre-assembled loops from reputable companies won't burst :) Now assembling it yourself (assembling, not installing), or buying some cheap non-name brand, well.....

Thanks Tom.

I'm not terribly skilled in the hardware division so I won't be doing any hands-on work with the water cooling (hopefully!).

I think I'll go this route as suggested then :)


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