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BMW m850i - CGI sea rendering



Sharing a few renderings that I did with this model.
I really like sunlight for rendering cars so I tried to create a sea photoshoot, sort of. :)

The sea was made using Blender 3D, I liked the result, let me know what you guys think.

Also did one render using some caustics hdr created with Blender and Octane.

Thank you and here are the images.

Project on behance:

Aram Avetisyan:
Nice renders!
And if the sea was pure 3d modeling and shading in Corona, then it is one hell of a good job done.
But the description (here and behance) is confusing - did you use Blender and Octane to create these renders?
Or you used 3ds Max and Corona to create these very renders, and some part of it (HDRI, model etc.) was done using other tools?


Yeah looking now it's confusing. :)
The render were all done in Corona. The sea it's a baked map from Blender, I think it's better to change the description.
I used Octane render to create the HDR for the studio shot, I'm mapping that on the target light inside 3dsmax to create that effect.


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