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Cosmos browser / not Corona 11 Materials

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A lot of materials impossible to use because they are for Corona 12 or V-Ray and vantage

For example :
Concrete Floor Cracked 300cm
This asset requires Corona >= 12.

Metal Pattern N 5cm
This asset requires V-Ray and Vantage.


Mac Studio - Sonoma 14.1.2
Cinema 4d 2024.1.0
Corona 11 (Hotfix 1)

The ">12" materials should not be showing up publicly, apologies for that. Moving the Corona Material Library to Cosmos is ongoing, and those should only be visible to developers while that is happening, so we'll get that fixed and have them properly hidden again soon.

If you open Cosmos from Corona, you should not see any materials that are specific to V-Ray or Vantage (those will only show up, or should, if you open Cosmos from V-Ray, and then Corona specific materials won't show up :) ). Just to check, you had Corona as active renderer, opened Cosmos from the Corona toolbar, but you saw "Metal Pattern N 5cm" as a material in the library?

Hello, please see the capture.
Best regards

Please see the other thread at - please submit a ticket, with the log file attached as well as the name of the material. The specific message I link to has the documentation on where to find the log file. Thanks!

Hello, same problem with last Cosmos update, vray materials are back !
Mac Studio M1 Ultra
C4D 2024.4.0
Corona 11 hotfix 2


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