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MircoTosti Studio:
Hi Beanz,

I tried the latest build, and it still gives me the same problem.
A small solution that makes the elements reappear is to remove the object from the scatter and then put it back in.

Furthermore, as you have also seen, there is a very large scale error in the gravel presets (u've set 0.05).

Hi, can you provide a test scene that showcases this scaling issue? If so, please use the link in my signature below :)

MircoTosti Studio:
Hi Beanz,

it is a simple scene that anyone can reconstruct because it uses these elements:
- floor 400x400cm
- cube 100x100x100cm
- cosmos pebbles presets applied to the floor

result = wrong size pebbles, To view the scene correctly, you must set the scatter scale to 0.05/0.1, just as you had set in the screen.

Thanks. So you are basing the scale issue on the thumbnail vs what you actually get when imported? Is that correct?

I saw your answer in another thread ;) I have raised this with the Cosmos team to look into.


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