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Convert Scene v11


Wanted to give the latest incarnation of the scene converter a go with a city street scene I got from Evermotion. It has over 200 V-ray materials. Upon opening the file, there was a window asking about how to convert things, figuring it would use these settings when I hit the convert button Well, it seems to be doing something, although at a snail's pace. There is no visual indication Corona is thinking which is frustrating. Only think is the textures slowly appeared in the viewport which is progress. V-ray will just appear a solid grey color for me. The Material Manager as you can see in the image is doing something. It has taken 30 min. to get to this point. How long can I expect this to take? Also, is this the same as if I had clicked the Convert Scene button? It is unclear what exactly is going on.

Never mind. I think I had installed a demo of V-ray and it was trying to update to newer V-ray I guess. For some reason, I thought the new scene converter would change the V-ray materials to Corona, but I don't have V-ray so that's pretty useless. Not sure why I'd even use Corona if I already had V-ray. Oh well.


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