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Physical light simulation

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Hi all,

I am not sure if I'm asking the question correctly, but how can we simulate an actual 3D physical light inside Corona?

I have attached some samples to explain a bit of what I am trying to achieve.

Corona has a very good way to deal with lights that I am trying to in fact create a light source that actually bounces and produce those rays of light that we got on real life, instead of using planes/spheres etc.

I saw a very good examples on past from Fryrender (Arion today) and I am just wondering if I can get some instructions for that?

Cheers for now :)

You probably mean caustics. :)
It does work by default in Corona but to make it render faster, just place a glass object in your scene, add a light and switch renderer from "progressive" to bidir or vcm.

Hi Maru, thanks for your reply.

So, if I for instance got a light bulb model and my inside fillet has emission material, would that work instantly?

Doesn't seem to work like that to be honest, as I did that test even with other shapes but didn't work.

I don't really mind about render time at this stage, I just want to get the most closed to light simulation Corona can deliver. :)

I just did a test with a light sphere also. didn't work either.

Not sure what to do :(

Did you switch renderer from progressive to bidir/vcm?


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