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hi, i wanna share with you this tutorial to know if your lcd monitor is calibreted or not :)

Monitor Calibration Tutorial for Win7 and QuickGamma

hop it will help and share your result

You know your monitor isn't calibrated if you haven't calibrated it in last 6 months.. Here's how actual calibration looks like
And even that is only software calibration cause U2412m doesn't support HW calibration..

here take rather this color discrimination test for fun :D

the aim is to score 0 that means your color discrimination is good.

On my older monitor I failed miserably :D:D lol... I tought i'm colorblind or something. Bought I new one, calibrated it and now it's 0 every time :D

(of course this still doesn't mean your monitor is calibrated correctly, it's just for fun)

Woohoo, 0 on my cheap never-calibrated Fujitsu-Siemens! :)


--- Quote from: lacilaci on 2014-01-15, 22:30:29 ---here take rather this color discrimination test for fun :D

--- End quote ---

I have my doubts how calibration could affect the score, as it would only offset the hues/tones, but not the hierarchy between but I guess maybe it can.

I don't remember my exact score, but it was 50 (though I have 2 friends who were below 90). And yes, I am colorblind between red and green, just like 10perc. of guys :- ) Veronika was zero, that's why she chooses colors.


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