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Support for AMD GPU Denoiser ?

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hello, we have purchased amd graphics cards and therefore can no longer use the Nvidea (fast preview) denoiser. Is it possible to integrate something like the nvidea denoiser for amd graphics cards. I have seen that there is also a denoiser from amd, but I do not know if you can denoise via the gpu.

would be in any case a great added value.

Hi there, thanks for the heads up. I will log your request for further investigation. Please note that there are no promises here though. ;)

hey guys, will corona getting oidn width amd gpu support in the future?

That would be our solution - expanding support for the Intel Denoiser so it can run on any GPU. We'll see if and when that can be done, since the Intel Denoiser has that capability.

hi are there any new developments on this topic? Thanks!


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