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Don't change item name to <deleted>

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Would it at all be possible to change the behavior in the lists (includes/excludes and scatter item lists, mainly, I guess) that when an instanced object is deleted the list doesn't simply say <deleted>. This makes it very very hard to figure out what is missing when items are accidentally deleted.

I'd be much more user friendly if it listed the name as usual with the appendix of "Deleted".

Hope this is clear and achievable?


I see you moved this to scatter requests ...

But this is more of a general-corona request. Lights also have the include/exclude, as do decals, distance textures etc etc. I was hoping this request also applied to all these features.

Ink Visual:
+1 to this,
indeed would be great to see the name of object that was deleted
(just like we see what bitmaps/proxies etc. are missing in max file through asset tracking)

No reply to this? Would definitely be handy, and I presume not too hard to implement :)

+ 1 to this


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