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The most wanted Chaos Scatter feature?

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Noted, thanks. :-)

As for the displacement, it is at least possible to use displacement modifier (for target scatter-on objects) doing displacement on 3ds Max side.

An option to scatter instances depending on topology of the distribution object would be nice, e.g. place instances on vertices, edges, center of faces, etc.

Ink Visual:
Being able to save user presets and load them from the "library" within scatter interface would be absolutely brilliant, that would surely help with assets management for bigger studios with multiple artists working at the same project.


--- Quote from: mferster on 2022-07-11, 20:48:10 ---
(I was surprised how few people have voted for this feature, not having render time displacement support limits the use cases of where you can use chaos scatter)

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Agree, nowadays to have a tree without any displacement looks almost cartoonish. Scattered objects must retain render-time disp.

Edge Trim, Disp and Clustering for me as well.

Juraj, render-time displacement on scattered instanced is and always was supported by the scatter. The vote is for implementing support of render-time displacement for distribution object, so when you scatter trees (rocks, grass) on terrain that has displacement, scattered instances would correctly follow displaced surface.

--- Quote from: Juraj on 2022-07-27, 11:54:56 ---Edge Trim, Disp and Clustering for me as well.

--- End quote ---

That is exactly my vote too :]


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