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I keep seeing mentions of Chaos Vantage, but never knew what it was. I watched part of a Chaos video and the main feature, from what I saw, was real-time (or close to it) previews. Isn't that one of the great features of Corona and V-ray, and Octane and Redshift for that matter? We have ability to have good real-time previews and updates as you work. Why  is Vantage needed if the engines already provide a similar function?

Asking for a friend. ;-)

Chaos Vantage is a whole application with its own UI and real-time GPU renderer -

If all goes well, we may have Vantage support in Corona 12 -

That would mean, for example, the ability to walk through your scenes in real-time, change lighting, materials, and more. BUT please note that it's still early, so there are no promises at this point (and I am not the best one to share such updates anyway). I'm sure Tom will drop by here soon. :)

So the big thing is adding GPU tech to a CPU render engine. Interesting. Sounds like Unreal Engine. I would also assume that Mac users might not be able to take advantage of this tech. Not Chaos' fault, just stating the obvious. Thanks for the info.


it is as far i understand there is also "game tech" used (direct x12 and nvidia things) under the hood, and it can deal with amazing huge scenes in real time, classic apps or render exports like c4d or 3dsmax itself would be never capable of handling this that fast. so it is quite more than just adding gpu rendering, but a complete new architecture under the hood to manage the geometry in real time.

there for an extra application. i use it and it is pretty amazing, it is real time with bruteforce (=pathtracing) and light cache (like coronas UHD), so very good quality, using very intelligent denoisers to manage that in real time, you can even mix nvidia and intel denoiser in its settings.
also the interface is now becoming real nice and useful, more like the modern engines like d5 etc, but will full cosmos, chaos scatter etc support and direct connection (to vray for now).

i very much hope corona 12 adds support, (otherwise i probably would've to switch back to vray)

for me it makes me happy, as I see chaos is here top notch again on newest tech and I not have the feel I need to switch to unreal or other new real time tech out there.

For an initial release, it could well be that functionality is limited to exporting to Vantage, after which any changes you make in Vantage will not appear back in your Max/C4D scene. There is no plan for a live link style functionality, though we will see how things go over time; but for now it's viewed as a one way conversion to vrscene to enable opening it in Vantage. You would still be able to edit in Vantage just as any other scene in Vantage, but as noted that would remain just in Vantage.

The expected purpose at the moment is to very quickly render previews, or if the needs of your client match the differences/limitations of GPU rendering, finals. Ideally this would be for, say, animated fly throughs too as that's when saving some rendering time for previews would be most useful, though again we'll have to see how far things go in the initial implementation in terms of animation. For 12 though the idea is to get the basic foundation in place and then go from there :)

PS the speed of Vantage compared to IR is very different :)


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