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Compositing Beauty


I don't know what I'm doing wrong. When I reassemble the Beauty in Photoshop. There are slight deviations. What am I doing wrong?

All passes are on Linear Dodge. The PSB is written out like this. I have not changed anything. I have the problem in 8bit and 32 bit.

When rendering in 3ds Max, the adding operations are done in linear space and then gamma 2.2 is applied to the final output (if you are using the gamma 2.2 workflow, which you should be using).

By default, if you just save your elements and add them in Photoshop, you are adding elements saved with gamma 2.2, which is different than what you do in 3ds Max (linear space).

To fix that, you need to make your elements linear, add them, and only then apply gamma 2.2 (or sRGB gamma, or other correction as you wish, if you don't want your result to be exactly as in 3ds Max).

Method 1:
- Enable the Development/Experimental Stuff rollout and use a string option -
The string option is: colormap.additionalGamma = -1.2
It subtracts 1.2 from the original 2.2 gamma making it gamma 1.0.
- Save your elements in 16 or 32-bit
- Open in PS, Add, apply gamma 2.2 on top

Method 2 - works only in 3ds Max 2024:
- Go to Rendering > Color Management > set it to "Unmanaged"
- Save your elements in 16 or 32-bit
- Open in PS, Add, apply gamma 2.2 on top

I would also suggest disabling color management in Photoshop. Otherwise, you will most likely see your image with sRGB gamma, which is slightly different than gamma 2.2, so you can see small differences, for example in the darkest areas.

Many thanks for the detailed explanation, I will try it out right away!

I have now tried it out. It worked great! Thanks again!

You're welcome! Sorry that it took me so long to reply, but my todo list is bursting at the seams. :)


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