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Text Cut Off


Any time I export a render from the VFB, the text will be cut off at the bottom. Sometimes more than this example. I can usually still see the words enough to continue, but sometimes not.

Corona v11
Nov 29 2023 19:27:40
C4D r25
Mac OS 12.5.1 Monterey

Change font.

I've never changed the font in any app. Why would I need to do that?

Does this also happen with hotfix 1 for V11? Have you checked the text size in the macOS system? If not can you try the following to see if it helps? Please keep us posted :)

1. System Preferences: Open "System Preferences" from the Apple menu or by searching with Spotlight.

2. Accessibility: In System Preferences, click on "Accessibility".

3. Display: In the Accessibility menu, select "Display" from the left sidebar.

4. Text Size: You'll see options for "Text Size" on the right side. Drag the slider towards the left to decrease the text size.


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