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Volume Grid and Render Farms


why is the Volume Grid not working as it should?
One of the main problem is the file path handling. Instead of letting the user choose the file path you create it without the option to change it.
Once the files are loaded  via the "select files" button, there is no way of altering the path and most important, corona is altering the path randomly.
The results are "funny" pathes like (\\Fileserver\project\.\vol\folder). This does not make any sense in no way and will NERVER do.
Either use relative or absolute pathes and/or let the user decide.

I´m really wondering why this is the case since the first version and has not changed in the meantime. There a lot of complaints, but nobody cares...

best regards

Could you please let us know what is your C4D version and Corona version?
Kind regards.

it is R26 and Corona 9 April 21 2022

But this problem exists since the first version of VolumeGrid

Hi there, this should be resolved. Can you please test in and let us know otherwise?


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