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Dual cpu speed problems

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--- Quote ---We tested this ON BOTH SINGLE PROCESSOR PCS
--- End quote ---
On systems with one cpu everything is ok, it can be seen even by the fact that when I render with one processor (in the cinema settings I limit the number of threads so that the 2nd processor does not use) then everything is fine.

Created two test scenes, with and without bitmaps,  uploaded as Hope this helps, thanks.


thanks for reporting, we have logged it internally at (Internal ID=743369807)


tested a simple scene...

1. rendered with texture directly in texture slot, inkl. uvw-randomizer
2. rendered with corona bitmap in texture slot, inkl. uvw-randomizer > faster, more rays, less noise, but uvw randomizer seems not to work

> mac osx mojave, c4d r23, corona v6 (hotfix 2)
   no idea how it's behaving in v7 or v8 daily builds


can you also include this scene with textures included? I would like to rule out all input before creating a bug-report.

Additionally, this thread concerns a very different issue.


For the guys of the corona team, this will probably be funny... But I just tested the 10th corona for c4d, and the problem with systems on 2 CPU remained...
Judging by the fact that I reported this problem back in 2019 (, this bug is already more than 4 years old ... Do you have plans to fix this?


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