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Dual cpu speed problems

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Interesting, as this is the "Dual cpu speed problems" thread ;)


--- Quote from: TomG on 2024-02-22, 19:18:49 ---Interesting, as this is the "Dual cpu speed problems" thread ;)

--- End quote ---


I have a system with a dual processor, but I thought that switching to a high-performance single-processor system would help me, but as it turned out, I have the same problem))

P.S. on my system with 5950x (16 cores/32 threads) everything is fine.

The report is welcomed of course! I was looking to see if we had a better thread to report it under, but for now there isn't one, we might set one up though if we hear more issues with single CPUs. On the 3990X we have for testing, this fix did indeed make a difference, so this is interesting.


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