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Hey there guys and gals, I'm trying to search every internet corner possible to get a hold of the old Corona version that was able to run with Sketchup, Can it still be achieved?
I recently saw 2 month old renders done by a few people here with Corona on sketchup, I would pay for any info leads!

The version you're talking about was exclusively for beta testers. It only worked on beta tester computers that were provided with a license key sent via email. Even if you could find Corona's SketchUp version on the net it would not work on your computer because you do not have the key to make it work.

Ante Olic:
Is there any hope you start again new development of Corona for Sketchup.

Even if you don't delevop anaymore corona for sketchup, it will be cool if you can share the old beta version as you do for corona 1.6

The old Corona Renderer for Sketchup project is discontinued. You can find explanations in this blog post from early 2018:


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