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Anything you can say about the status of the Corona for SketchUp plug-in?  Will it definitely be developed eventually??  Thank you.

Hi, the Sketchup plugin is still being developed, and it will be developed further. The only change for now is that we do not accept any more beta tester sign ups. If anyone is interested in taking part in the tests in the future though, we can save his email address, and notify him once it's possible again. Any news regarding this will be of course posted publicly on our forum, fb, etc.

Great to hear this - thanks Maru!

Great news!

Current beta plugin is pretty basic, but it works quite well.
I know You had some problems with Sketchup developer.
Would it be possible to add Corona Light Material to this plugin?
That itself would be great improvement and something that could give us a way to stick with Corona in Sketchup as long as it takes to develop it.
Right now only Vray in my opinion is any good alternative. It is good and it renders ok, but somehow I just can't make myself to like it enough, to justify buying it.


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