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I'm trying to install Corona for SKP but am having issues. I run the installer and it seems to install as I would expect. I ran it as typical installation and I get it to report all is successful. Then I run SKP, nothing installed. I then run custom installation, select SketchUp 2017 but get errors saying the install path hasn't been defined. I unpack the files and copy the files to the appdata location of my SKP plugins and also in the /Corona/Sketchup/plugin folder. I only get errors now, see attached.

This exact same scenario has occurred with the 2016 version. I gave up trying to install this before but receiving an email saying a new installer was available gave me hope. Can I get some instruction on specifically where these files are to be copied or what I'm doing wrong?


I was able to install this on a different machine and then just copy the folder structure over to my workstation. all works using that method. For whatever reason the installer can't detect the install path on some machines.

In my case, after the plug in was reported as successfully enabled, nothing showed up in SketchUp.  I believe I looked under ¬®tools¬® and there was a list from which I could check Corona.  That brought two icons to the screen, and once I clicked on one of those, the licensing box popped up.   I pushed next until I reached the page asking for email and password.  Maybe this will help.

Actually, look under Views, then Toolbars.

Hi Corona dev. Not sure if this is the right place, but I can't use Corona for SketchUp anymore. It keeps asking for activation, but won't accept my email and/or password. What shall I do?


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