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I have been following corona since Alpha 4, I was expecting it to get big and it exceeded my expectations in every aspect.
Unfortunately for me I had to switch to Maya since my current rigs are way to complex for Max. That made me ask the obvious, are there any
plans for corona on maya? I know there where some test in the past but there is no info since then. I am sure many production houses and animators will
be happy with a release.

Unfortunately I have to cancel my subscription, because my longterm project is over. I am quite happy to return to Maya and forget about shitty Max.
But I will miss Corona. I'm looking at Arnold right now which is a good renderer- no doubt. But in terms of simplicity and speed it is no match for Corona I would dare to say.
I know Corona is meant to be a archviz-renderer. But it could be much more....

We still offer the old version of Corona for Maya to interested users. If you would like to receive more info about it, please contact me at .

We would really love to start developing Corona for Maya in full swing, but the biggest obstacle currently is the lack of programmers skilled in this matter. If you know someone, feel free to direct him to us. :)

The problem with this talented coders is: usually they have good and well paid jobs.
Honestly: If I would knew someone I would make it my personal mission to persuade her/him to join your team.


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