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We're back!!, the latest Corona Sketchup update is finally working with SU2016 on our PCs at the very least.

But since there are no standard shaders / presets.

Can anyone let me know what are architectural glass settings? I can't seem to see the glass appear in the preview window and it comes out completely invisible in the render as well. Thanks

And we need the ability to delete materials, even after deleting them from Sketchup directly, the material dialogue remains the same with unwanted materials.

Are you using SketchUp's Opacity setting? It shouldn't be used for glass -see attached. Use refraction instead and opacity set to 1.
Anyone disagree?

Issue (which we have discussed here) is that the model geometry will also appear solid now...which can be a pain!! Controls need to be separated I feel....for diffuse too, or at least a checkbox allowing the choice of replacing or being separate per material/channel.

Tales Macedo:
I made glassware , but it had to not use opacity / transparency , because it applied such element glassware does not work.

I have finally found normal architectural glass settings... now onto black opaque glossy glass.

Water is acting weird, the refraction is not working - does anyone know how to set proper water settings?

Water needs Tint. there's no setting for tint though. Tint is like a fog, as it goes deeper the water colour becomes a deeper blue from clear to blue.

This material editor is currently pretty basic it needs to be more intuitive with basic material shaders.


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