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Important. Please read - development halted


Hi friends.

Unfortunatly I will not be able to continue the development of mayaToCorona. Even if this is a great renderer and a cool project, the plugin reached a level where I am unable to continue with my humble skills and available time. Alone fixing any bugs takes too much time.

So I will leave this project. Thanks for this great experience. It was great to be part of this.

Hmmm...  Well that's really sad news.  I understand that the OSL implementation or efficiency must be a big part of what you describe in your post.  What you have done with maya2corona until now is very clean and has always been suprisingly stable to me.

Maya is not the cleanest software.  The studio I work for is switching from xsi and both the artists nd the devs have a real hard time recreating the workflow they had before - some very obvious features are not even possible to recreate.

I've been in other maya betas, I think you were doing a fine job, and many thanks for letting me in the beta : (


Well that's sad news indeed..
As RickToxic already mentioned, it's really hard to do certain implementations in maya though you did a fine job thus far.

So thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part in this and for getting this port to where it currently is.


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