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First test renders on Sketchup

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Happy to be on board with the beta testings...

I think at least 2 basic trays / toolboxes need to be created :

1. Corona materials toolbox (with along with emitter materials, SSS, combo materials, etc,).
2. Environment settings (HDRI skies, camera settings, sketchup's 2 point perspective camera match integration)

3. a possible future one could be batch rendering with time limit, plus DR network, and animation settings.


another quick test...

sketchup has no native "reflection" setting under its materials toolbox - in fact it has nothing only a setting at 100% diffuse and transparency + colour blend, so often programs create their own to tether alongside the assigned material, and allowing the extra info to be saved into the main ".skp" file. I'm not sure how Corona will be doing this, but it definitely needs to be done.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and renders.

Material editor is planned for the near future. It probably won't be nearly as powerfull as the material editors in Max or C4D (not soon anyway), but there will definitely be more options than what SketchUp offers by default. We will probably be designing the material editor soon (in the following weeks), so any input on that topic will be more than welcome (best to start another thread with proper name for that).

Yes, all Corona data will be saved into the SketchUp .skp file. In fact the render settings are saved there already so if you save the scene after rendering, you should see the render options restored the next time you render the scene. If the settings are not restored, please report that as bug.

--- Quote ---sketchup's 2 point perspective camera match integration
--- End quote ---

What exactly do you mean by that? The 2pt perspective should be fully supported (in case the current viewport camera is set to 2pt when the render is started). I see no reason to have that option in render settings when this is specified on SketchUp camera. Did I miss something in its implementation or is it sometimes needed to enable/disable the 2pt perspective mode just for rendering?

Thanks Ryuu,

I'm really really glad that you have a responsive and awesome team on board to develop Corona for Sketchup.

I do apologize! I didn't test the 2pt perspective as I was burnt too many times with the other renderers not having it I simply assumed (my bad), just tried it and this is indeed wonderful!

Also, I'd like to report that even Skatter is on board with you guys...

No need to apologize. It may actually be my fault that I didn't realize that the 2pt perspective support is something special and should be advertised :)

Skatter uses pretty universal SketchUp API, so any other plugins using the same API should be supported as well. Skatter is however the only such plugin we have tested so far, so if you find Corona working with some other similar plugins, please let us know, so that we can include them in our internal testing. Big thanks to Thomas Hauchecorne (Skatter developer) for helping us integrating its support into our SketchUp plugin.


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