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Have you tried using CoronaBumpConverter between the material and the node?

Was just about to say that you can animate the rotation value of the HDRI and render out as many frames as you need with both Pulze and 3ds max natively!

What we usually do is this:

Right click the forest pack and select "Select all Forest Dependencies".
Click RGB Mode in the Mask Elements so that you're able to separate the channels.
Click Manual selection and add all of the selected forest dependencies to the R G or B channel.

Now a mask with pure R G or B will be created for the forestpack. You might have to deselect an object if it interferes with the greenery and won't create a good mask, but it works 95% of the time.

In photoshop, to select it, just CTRL click the respective channel in the mask element, to select them very precisely.

Both VRay and FStorm have two solutions to this. Vray uses the mapping source to plug in on the left of the node, allowing one mapping setup to be connected to all related bitmaps. FStorm has the settings embedded in the texture itself, so you don't need an additional node. A further development on this would be to include UVW randomization and Triplanar Possibilities in the CoronaPhysicalMaterial directly, applying it on the entire material and all its textures.

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