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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Chinese version of Corona
« on: 2024-03-27, 14:30:36 »
Hello everyone! I am an official certified instructor of corona renderer from China! I would like to ask if the corona official considers adding a Chinese version like the vray renderer?


yes  it is the es E0 stepping,    I  have tested several render benchmark tools such as CinemaBench R23, Blender and Vraybenchmark,  all performed well except the Coronabenchmark v 10
I have returned these cpu and ordered retail version xeon 8470
i will test it in further

Is the dual Xeon 8480 ES, QS or Retail stepping? My older dual 8280s are extremely consistent in performance with my 3990X Threadripper for example.

It's been long time since I've used ES/QS builds, but a lot of shenanigans can happen between Windows Scheduler, Board microcode, Chipset drivers that non-retail steppings can be very sensitive to (unless manufacturers are using some more precautions, but the fault can be with motherboards as well).

What can be done to bypass these limitations is the old trick Vlado from Vray suggested almost 10 years ago, is to run multiple rendering sessions at same time. I've never personally done it, so not sure what is the best way today, I personally would try ProcessLasso, but experimentation is needed.

Of course, highly sub-optimal for single-renders, but doable solution for animations. And of course super-bad solution for workstation, but then dual-builds, even retail are generally poor workstations today.

Should we start ES/QS build thread btw :- ) ? Looks like golden age for this is upon us again lol! Lot more complicated situation with motherboards, but so many Epycs and Xeons and memory is very reasonable priced. Sadly I no longer need render-farm for my studio needs but I always loved building them.

Hardware / Re: Dual Epyc 9654 experience?
« on: 2024-01-25, 05:58:15 »
dual cpu system is not optimized with corona 10 and above so far
maybe windows process group is the culprit  i am not sure

Hi, Is anyone here running a dual Epyc Genoa system, preferably 9654 or 9754`s? I wonder if the scale is better than with EPYC 7702`s 1 CPU vs. 2 CPU systems.


same here with dual xeon 8480+
coronabench 1.3 is ok   but coronabench 10  got a very bad performance score

Hi Guys,

I have a workstation with a Threadripper 5995wx CPU.
I have 128 GB RAM (32gb x 4) running at 3200 MHZ.
I did the Corona Benchmark in the morning (benchmark 1.3 and the new benchmark) and I got some good scores: first one 17 seconds, and the new benchmark 22 843 900 rays/s.
I've got a Cooler Master ML360 TR4, and the temps are 65 under full load.

I've installed AMD Chipset drivers, and now I get really bad scores (33 seconds, and 15 897 916 rays/s)
I have uninstalled all the AMD drivers, even restore the windows (to the point of having nothing, just right after I've installed the windows), and still getting these bad scores.

Even my other 3990X gets ~ 21 000 000 rays/sec.

I've attached the screenshots, on the left are the first results, and on the right the one that i have now.

I don't know what I am missing but maybe you have some advice.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2024-01-21, 13:23:56 »
yes  i found some 3ds max map type slow the render speed dramatically ,
such as   Composite map ,   output , and  corona multi-texmap

and also  Coronabenchmark 10  with a uexpected performance


Disappointed is this...

I switched to 3990x, and here I have the same problem as with the dual socket...(mayby sees this as gluing together two processors ((8+8)+(8+8)) + ((8+8)+(8+8)) ). I have to use bitmaps so that there is no loss of speed (many thanks to the guy who made the conversion script).

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2024-01-19, 03:12:21 »

same here with dual intel xeon 8480+ build

Hi, I just tested the 11th corona, there is still a problem with the speed on 2 socket systems ((

Is there any progress with this problem?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: 2024-01-10, 11:59:32 »

thanks for your reply !
yes , it have 4 sticks per socket installed , 8 in total, memory runs on quad channel

every benchmark tool runs perfect but the corona 10 benchmark
its weird

If it helps knowing I'm running a dual Epyc build that has 8 memory slots per CPU (16 total). Just for the fun of it I tried running the benchmarks (and one rather simple interior) in a 8 sticks vs 16 sticks scenario.

The results were for all intents and purposes identical between the two configs.

I do think that going with less than 8 sticks though would result in slower rendering - I haven't tested it out though.

Do note that each platform can be a bit different so the above might work for my 7B13 Epycs but might not for your dual Xeons.

News / Re: Chaos Corona 10 Benchmark
« on: 2024-01-05, 11:02:27 »
Hello !  need help!

I found a performance issue with my new build Dual Xeon Platinum 8480+

CoronaBenchmak  1.3  result : 44M rays/s
CoronaBenchmak  10  result : 18M rays/s

as a comparison ,my old build W3175x oc 4.0 all core

CoronaBenchmak  1.3  result : 15M rays/s
CoronaBenchmak  10  result : 11M rays/s

in benchmark 1.3   new build is nearly triper the speed of the old one, but only 1.6 times  in benchkmark 10

Hardware Specific:
CPU:Dual Xeon Platinum 8480+
MB: Gigabyte MS73 HB 0
MEM: Skynix DDR5 4800 16G REG ECC *8 per socket
OS: windows 10  22H2 workstation  with newest updates
      also tried windows 11 workstation same result

BTW,  all the other render benchmark tools(like Cinebench R23, Vraybenchmark,Blender) i tested  have the expected performance result  ,
Why it happened with Coronabenmark 10?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: 2024-01-05, 10:17:16 »
have you found the sollution in the end ?
I have some issue with you with my new build dual XEON 8480+

Oh my god!

I just assume my RAM was working in quad channel (octo in 2 slots), using 4 sticks per cpu (8 in total). In fact, typical monitor software tells me my RAM is working in quad-channel, but I didn't try to populate all dimms (cos My boards have 16 slots!).

I will try this solution but I have to buy RAM to check it cos I don't have 16 RAM sticks...

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: 2024-01-05, 10:16:03 »
have you found the sollution in the end ?
I have some issue with you with my new build dual XEON 8480+

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