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Gallery / Larose Guyon Lights | Wabi Sabi Interior
« on: 2023-11-28, 14:08:05 »
Hi everyone,

long time from last post :- ) I need to pick up the tempo.
Here is smaller project from before Summer, I think I've done it during June, it's set of beautiful Lights from Quebecois company Larose Guyon, a fantastic client of mine that gave me absolute freedom to do whatever. That's bit unnerving as you becomes your own worst critic, and as it's a commercial project, you still need to call it "done" at some point, just now you decide when that is.

I wanted to try something different. We do plenty of different in our tiny studio (from office chairs, to latest Penthouses by Zaha Hadid in Monaco), but it's usually bright and airy :- ). And I wanted to do slightly dirty, earthy and dark. Let a play of light (both natural and from the Lamps) become prominent. The room choice and basic layout was chosen by client and I've worked with that.

I gave it a bit of trendy Wabi Sabi vibe, sorry not sorry, you can't escape trends :- ). It was fun.

I reserve one more post below for short tutorial on the bed, I am very proud of that. It's scanned mesh from few years ago, but with additional scanned textures and scanned BRDF (ChaosScans), plenty of scattering of fibers, etc.. just so much stuff to add up to the final look.

More images ( this page will load very slowly, even after I saved smaller 3K/Jpeg9 quality here) here:

Please follow new Instagram here: It will really mean a lot to me, and I am already preparing some very cool free models for Christmas (our beds!) to be posted there. So really, please click follow and let's engage, you know you can always count of asking me stuff and me answering. Cheers!

Gallery / Lysfaere Renderings #1 Corvette Stingray C2
« on: 2023-05-07, 22:03:56 »
Hey folks, let me present you some car renderings Veronika and I have made using our HDRi locations, a spare time project alongside our usual architectural work.
The modelling was done mainly by Kristina, our in-house artist, secondary also by Veronika. I can't model for crap..I only did the renderings and post-production :- )

These renderings started few years ago as test-bed for HDRi testing & calibration, we were never automotive artists, I think that much is known about us ;- ). But it was lot of fun and interesting challenge to make up something of this sort, learn some new skills..

There will be lot more posted, this is just part 1. We haven't stopped with these early tries and I am working on more stuff to illustrate the locations and workflow. Next post will be about fully 1-click to use scene with cameras matched to backplates, please stay tuned and I would kill for any social media follow ;- ) Or be eternally grateful to you. Lot of our soul went into this.

If you want to learn more about it, have a look at our website:

The first images are in backplates, the rest are just tests in dome mode, and the last image are just fun showcase of some modelling&shading details :- )

Gallery / London Wall 1-5 Entrance & Office Lobby
« on: 2023-05-04, 14:26:03 »
Hi friends, as you may know I haven't posted properly any work since 2019, I took a 4 year long hiatus from social media in general, only writing stuff on mainly Hardware subsection.

I think it's time to get back into habit of publishing :- ). I'll start right where I left.. in 2019, but will post new stuff alongside as well. So this particular first project has been on my harddrive forever.
They call this 'exposure therapy' but be kind nonetheless ;- ). So much stuff to post.. will take until end of year I think to post it all. I plan to post about 20 or so projects that I like the most.

Easier way to see the work also here:

Visualization by Talcik&Demovicova | Client Enduranceland / Angelo, Gordon &Co / Completed in 2019

I love ChaosScans. It's really cool addition I've waited long enough. I've compiled some feedback to ask (if technically possible) for some features that would bring it up further:

EDIT: THis has been moving fast :- ) ! Most features were already implemented, very happy and of course thank you !
I updated new some :- )

8) Question: Would it be possible to add Sheen technically? It already has clear-coat which is necessary for some materials, while sheen would be merely modifying some for different look, but it would still be quite useful.

NEW 1: Glossiness mapping for Clear-Coat. The clear-coat seems like generic one from Physical Material, so it would be cool to get mapping as well, so I can add dirt to car paints directly within.

0) DRAG & DROP into the loaded map slot :- ). ChaosScans have ridiculous names (like "CHP175"), but they come with preview. So in File Explorer I know what I am looking at. But if I want to load them, I need to open them in 3dsMax explorer which will only show the scan file, and so I have no idea what I am loading and I am searching for needle in a hay.

1) (existing in Vray version) - Triplanar mapping - This is the biggest. Triplanar is absolute staple in my material workflow, it really suits here too.
2) (question) - I remember at some point Vray allowed for some tiling issue fix. Could UVW randomizer tile blending be somehow internally implemented as optional feature? 1/3 of materials have horrible tiling that only randomization would fix.
I am able to simulate this effect myself by doubling the material in LayeredMTL and using Noise map to blend between two slightly differently tiling versions.

3) (question) - True displacement, not just edge. Is this even possible with this type of shader or would it affect the shading model? If not possible disregard.
 I am mostly asking because some materials (particularly those labeled as "volumetric") have info label "height-map= yes". Got me curious what for if not full displacement.
4) (question) - Edge mapping causing artifacts (halo) when 2-sided is on. Is this limitation of this tech?

5) Possibility to add custom bump & displacement map. The shader already allows for albedo filter&replacement, so this will further enable tweaking, for example by adding large wrinkles to fabric. Right now the only bypass is by adding CoronaDisplacement to each mesh the shader is applied to.
6) Future - Integration into Cosmos perhaps. Downloading .zip files and unzipping them is really 1998 ;- ). (Striked since being considered anyway by team)
7) Where can I petition to influence what materials I would love to see scanned? Is this just for big industry fish? It really needs more varied generics. 400 beige leathers isn't quite the right direction imho.
- IR seems to be often one-step behind or not reacting at all. Frequent restart necessary.

Jobs / Furniture modeler (/freelance)
« on: 2022-07-24, 16:21:29 »
Edit: No longer urgent for any current work.. but you can always get in touch anyway. Please allow for any delay in reply, hectic life..


our best modeler went on maternity leave so in foreseeable future we're quite short on hands :- ).
I am always looking for freelancers to help with modelling  (and modelling only right now).

Please have a look at attached example of complexity and if it's something that fit your skills (it's simple models, but details like subtle wrinkles and stitches done correctly still matter a lot),
please write me directly on personal email (juraj.talcik(at) of course correct the address :- ), or my FB messenger (Juraj Talcik).

-Basic unwrapping is welcome
-No shading or texturing

Thanks :- )

The Threadripper thread got little unwieldy to navigate since there is now lot of talk of cases, fans, gpus or general building advice.
I thought it would be easier if these questions were posted separately so people can still find their answers that concern Threadripper.

Remember, do a quick search on Google, Reddit, etc.. to see if people didn't answer this in-depth. Often time for Workstation type question, that's not the case, but othertime, with general building advice, it is.

I can't attend so I am giving away our two tickets (300 euro) for free for anyone who can still manage to attend this Thursday (16th) to Saturday in Sofia, Bulgaria.
You can buy cheap RyanAir tickets there ;- ).

Write me to email office (at) talcikdemovicova (dot) com

Off-Topic / Public blacklist of Light-Visual studio
« on: 2019-04-12, 15:38:32 »
Well, I'll add it up here, just so you know that your work could be stolen just like mine and you shouldn't tolerate reposts from accounts like this.
Belarussian studio Light-Visual has stolen my work (see screenshots) which they pretend to be theirs. Likewise, of few photographers what they pretend is their CGI ;- ).

On Instagram they repost other Archviz work without knowing of the artists, sometimes tag them which is irrelevant because they do it to market their own services.
Unless you like parasites like these to get job from your work and potentially tarnish your reputation (remember, many people never read anything on internet, clients can think the work is theirs even after they botch the work) I would look through their account and report it to Instagram.

Hardware / Reviews for Xeon W-3175X are out
« on: 2019-01-30, 16:30:40 »
So the 28core miracle from Intel finally surfaced to the market and reviews have been pouring out:,5976.html

Not the best review sites, but Kitguru always takes his time :- ).

I am actually kind of baffled by these reviews...they compare 3175X which comes by default with unlocked TDP and thus reaches 3.8Ghz+ All-core turbo at easily 360W+ to stock 2990WX with its 250W and then proclaim how it's clear winner.
It doesn't come soldered and reaches beyond 100C at 500W+ when overclocking to overcome 2990WX. At this point, it also overpowers the bundled (right now it comes only in prepackaged OEM builds) Asetek AIO with 70dB (fullscale airplane mode).

The 3175X does come out of top with absolute overclocking potential, even reaching 6500+ Cinebench R15 points. But it suffers heavy AVX penalty, setting back its Corona potential. Some reviewers reached 800W power draw for AVX512 at -1Ghz penalty :- ) It better not burn your house.

The price is surprisingly rather fair. That is, until 48core Threadripper surfaces.

You can only buy it from BOXX and other OEMs. So multiply the price for full build buy two. Then buy 3 threadrippers instead.

Edit: So Derbauer already did delid, got 10C difference. And apparently the published price is red herring, akin to RTX ;- ) Price in Europe will be 4500 Euro from CaseKing.

Hardware / Upcoming HEDT from Intel ( i9 on LGA 3647)
« on: 2018-10-08, 15:04:14 »
The 28C i9 will require up to 32 VRM phases for juice lol. I think that's about it regarding i9 vs Threadripper...
(yeah shit source, but the first one today).

On other hand, it will have six-channel memory support, and of course all those directly to single-die chip. So it might be the ultimate CPU for Corona which seems to be somehow memory starved on Threadripper unfortunately.
I wonder what the price will be. 2999 euro ? 3999 euro ? At that price point you might as well go GPU-rendering for good.

Gallery / Classical apartment product showcase
« on: 2018-04-03, 20:05:54 »
Howdy :- ). Haven't posted any work for almost a year. We have done in fact, many in meantime, but the most interesting ones are under NDA and other, bit bland ;- ).
But I am very proud of this one. Small in scope and done for nice architectural duo AlexAllen, we were commissioned by them to create classsical apartment and render their beautiful Lightnings and design products.

I am hotlinking these images from Behance, I wonder if that will prove problematic but it's such a pain to upload to Corona otherwise.

Much better to just watch it there directly ;- )

When using CoronaMix node ( for example in my use LinearAdd, where top layer is highpassed map and lower level is albedo color ) with the togglebox "show in viewport" (doesn't matter if it's done at node level, or the whole shader level), the shader doesn't retain this state after re-opening the scene, or 3dsMax session.

What happens instead, is that it shows some random color (or maybe there is some logic behind that color, but I haven't been able to deduce it). Toggling "show in viewport" (which does remain checked, just with this bug) off and on again, doesn't correct it, but returns this color again. Once again, doesn't matter if togging on/off happens on shader level on node level only.

What fixes it, is going into top layer of CoronaMix node, toggling on/off said particular bitmap loaded there, and then going back and toggling the node or shader, and it works again.

This makes CoronaMix node unusable in Diffuse slot because the shader won't look correctly in viewport after reloading 3dsMax session.

This issue doesn't require particular scene, I've been able to make it in different Max versions and it happens in empty scene as well. But in my case, 3dsMax 2016.

Gallery / Impremta Garden (+ breakdowns )
« on: 2017-09-12, 00:46:38 »
Hi everyone,

I didn't post any project for past half-year and finally decided to start doing so again. I was quite tired from work and then decided to take long break over the summer, which didn't work out well as I've (with Veronika) instead started a new sort of project/work/stuff...that's maybe CGI connected or maybe even not :- ) But I at least got to start posting one of many projects sitting sadly on our harddrive. Well at least those not under NDA.

Impremta Garden is one of two Mallorcan real-estate projects we finished (back in April) and it didn't look like much when I got the brief. It was...empty, dark with not that many windows, with some potential. But as I delved deeper into materials and playing with light inside it, it showed its real potential and we're both very proud of it now, I am very happy how it looks. And I am never happy or satisfied...with anything.

Below is some selection of images from it.

Rendered in C-Ray at typical 8k resolution (and it took forever time, don't ask). I downsampled those to 1/4 at 2560px/Jpeg9 so it's watchable (hopefully?) on web :- ). All questions welcome but please don't kill me with pixel-peeping, I am only human.

Client& Interior Design& Art Direction: Whyte Lilja Architects | Visualization& Art Direction: Talcik&Demovicova

Breakdowns/Tutorials are in second post right below ( link )

And few more bellow :- ) I didn't want to destroy your bandwidth, the above are all Jpeg(9quality) but quite a lot of them.

There is little bit more user-friendly way to watch it on Behance

Jobs / Freelance furniture/asset modeler
« on: 2017-05-23, 14:21:39 »
We're little bit swamped right now and I could use help of talented modeler if someone has time.

I strongly prefer classic subdiv modeling as opposed to marvelous designer when in comes to chair/sofas. Texturing/Materials are not needed.
Please indicate how much you would charge but quality is indicator, not price. I pay immediately and you will retain all rights to the model and can sell it further or whatever.

Attached are three examples of what I would need currently. Right now I have 2 weeks time budget for these.

If anyone is willing and has time, please write me to info{@}

Gallery / SkyPark by Zaha Hadid
« on: 2016-12-08, 17:00:00 »
Hi guys, lots of nice projects posted on forums these days, would like to join with few. This is project Veronika and I had done back in summer, using Corona using Corona 1.4.

We were given full freedom with this project, and had done interior design (to match the upper-middle class clientelle), styling, camera choices and photography. I wish we could have worked on the penthouses, but those were sold to foreign investors without need for images :- )

I will try to answer any question in bursts, some time ago started using ColdTurkey to block forums and lot of sites to avoid procrastrinating :- ) Highly suggest, heh. If you need faster answer, you can ask under FB post.
I will post two short making offs under this post.

Behance (easier browsing experience here due to new full-screen mode)

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