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some changes in the newest v12 daily, makes the interface of c4d stalls or freezes, i almost cant do anything while i render, even with ipr. cpu usuage is very high near 100% even on ipr which should not take all cores.

any idea? maybe the lastest optimisation for many cores machines did shoot over a bit ? :)
first i thouhgt it did freeze, but seems is only using the cpus so extreme.

it is even hard to press the stop button on ipr

EDIT: after c4d restart it seem sok again for now. if this happens again i post it here.

[C4D] Feature Requests / V-Ray fur plugin for Corona too?
« on: 2024-03-01, 10:00:24 »
there is one plugin i reall love in Vray. this is the fur plugin.

I wonder if this could be in both apps, as Chaosa scatter is, like Chaos fur?

Corona has the smae hair render features as vray i think, at leats it renders splines and maxon hair, so probably also vrayfur woudl be possible?

vrayfur is so great for carpets, fine fibres on fabrics, fur of course, and a lot more



i think i found a bug:

when i render in IPR and switch the c4d render setting to another(like changing render size or proportion) I get a crash.
i am on daily v12.

can anybody confirm this? i can reproduce it here.

somehow i cannot select more than 1 light in lister, ideally, it should work as in Object Manager with shift, to select any number of lights and edit them at once, as this is possible in c4d.

if that isn't possible i add that as a feature suggestion


as the title say, i think it would be great to be able to put a layer inside the include exclude list for faster /better workflow using the material overwrite.

so materials and or objects assigned to that layer would be respected in the exlude list p.e.
i assume that is relatively easy to add (i tried atm it not allows me to drag in a layer), but maybe a great helper.


[C4D] Daily Builds / just installeds cor 11 (solved)
« on: 2023-11-27, 22:02:13 »
hi guys

just installed corona v11 rc3, c4d r25, sadly this gives me c4d freezes every 2-15 minutes, not sure why i not so any special.
i can only force quit c4d then.
in same scene in older v11 was all was ok in same scene

any idea
any other have this?
seems new and only rc25 which i installed 3h ago.

Edit, crashings did stop, in special in 12 daily

dear Corona team,

i prefer Corona much more over Vray today, but i miss quite much some features from the new VFB2 in V-ray6, like the great masking tool in frame buffer (multimatte mask, cryptomatte mask, or integer mask on any effect)

also pls give back the option to open the curve window, the small integrated curve editor makes it impossible to work with it precicely, curves are eswsent8al tools for many worksflows


[C4D] Daily Builds / color edge shader?
« on: 2023-11-15, 19:33:30 »
are there some infos or examples on how to use?


as title says:

i get always a crash when i use the lister and switch the active cam, not on first switch but on 2nd or soon after.
this happen s in scenes with many cams and that are fairly complex.

i use corona v11 daily from oct 18th

with daily 11 i get this message, any idea?
driver is the newest from Nvidia.

i also have newest vray6 installed

Failed to initialize NVIDIA AI denoiser: Unable to load required DLLs. Please follow the provided link for more information and suggestions on how to fix this issue.
Missing DLL: cudart64_110.dll   Learn more ยป

thanks or help!


Dear all fellow Corona C4D users,
I want to show you our C4d and corona-focused site We offer high class real-world Corona Materials and helpful C4d plugins and also Corona engine compatibl3(c4d only):

2) I want to highlight our Corona compatible high res, 8k, seamless, photo real world based DNA|MATERIAL SETS (PBR texture sets+ corona shaders).
The Materials are focused on ArchViz , but can be also used for designers, staging etc.

All Materials are all hand processed by is, not artificial generated (no substance use!). They offer great detail, variation and big surface sizes (5-10m square mostly). All are derived from real-world surface sources.
We offer them a greatly affordable prices of only 1 or less Euro per Material set. (if bought in a Bundle)

So the bundles are available at a special price atm, with MINUS 30% Summer Special, so if you want some it is now a good time to save a bit money.

The presets come also with 1 click import assets sets for the new C4D asset browser with nice custom previews, this is one of my favourite work flow enhancements, i use the materials myself via the c4dasset browser now, where one can simple choose and drag and drop them into the scene or onto objects.

Here you find all DNA|Material Textures:

Here you find our C4d and corona compatible plugins:

i want to highlight our great plugin TILEPRO (like 3dsmax Bercon tiles, only a lot more powerful!):

Here direct links to the material pdfs:

M01 Metal Surfaces  -
M02 Metal Meshes  -
M03 Concrete surfaces  -
M04 Bricks  -
M05 Wood Parquet  -
M06 Wood facades  -
M07 Structured Concrete Surfaces  -
M08 Wood Floors  -
M09 Roofs1  -
M10 Pavements1  -

Corona Materials in Asset browser for drag and drop use:

Best greetings

i have a new weird bug:

i have a floor with a material, that uses displacement, When I use displacement i always get horizontal camera space based stripes in the render.
when i switch to world mode it is ok (but slow and inefficient)

the material is nothing complicated only a little displacement, i have hundreds of similar ones that render ok, it is only with one single material (bitmap based textures),
and only ion this scene. the floor object is a normal c4d plane object

does anybody know this? i never ever had that in all those years...

sadly i cant show the scene, but maybe somebody had such a thing already or knows what might trigger this?

EDIT: solved it in reducing the displ size to 0.25px, first time i needed to go so small. maybe its due the texture detail?

[C4D] Bug Reporting / v10 unusual crashes while rendering
« on: 2023-06-29, 13:00:51 »

i experienced something i never had before in Corona, the render crashes after like 50-60 passes. ram is not out, all seems ok.

it uses glow and glare, my feel was that it might be connected to this?

anyone had also crashes like this in final v10?

reading the new today's daily feature, i think i might miss some important here, how do i  renders buckets in Corona?

what are buckets in Corono or where can i set them? :)

[C4D] Daily Builds / lister as in max coming?
« on: 2023-05-24, 08:37:19 »
are the Listers feature as 3dsmax corona has it still planned for v10 ?

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