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I was meaning ArchiCAD's Alpha build 5 plugin - we're still using it even it's not being developed! Still by far the best renderer for ArchiCAD out there :)

The query was if I needed to change any settings in ArchiCAD or the Corona preferences to enable a full Linear workflow, or is purely as simple as editing the gamma of any textures / colours, and then saving the result as an EXR file?

Reading about implementing it in other software / renderers, there seem to be a few render preference settings that need to be tweaked - I was just wondering if that was the case with this plugin too, as I can't see anything in the options.

Hi, I'm trying to understand linear workflow in the hope of improving my renders.

I assume it's possible in AC21 / Corona A5 - would anybody be able to share some key settings?


Hi all, just wondering if any news on restarting this? Corona is our only solution for true lighting solutions in AC at the minute. We move to AC25 in a year so I'm not sure what we'll do after that!

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: Shift lens
« on: 2019-11-14, 17:48:23 »
Woohoo! Thanks. From my tests so far, this was the single biggest obstacle to my workflow. Much appreciated!

Still waiting for IT dept to install Alpha 4 - I'll let you know...

Hi, just found this. I'm on Alpha 3 and it still seems to be an issue...

Can't see how you could test it without access to a project on a BIM server.

Thanks spr0ckets. Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon - it's essential for my Photoshop-heavy workflow!

Incidentally, my early tests suggest that the frame content isn't exactly the same even if we use the AC Rendering dialogue. The FOV looks to be the same, but the frame edges are expanded slightly - essentially shrinking the building within the image.

   I read a tip here that suggested if we use the AC Photorendering Settings palette to initiate the render, then it keeps the 2 point perspective correct.

But it seems I then can't output the other render elements (masks, etc), as these only seem to work from the VFB window? Or am I missing something?

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: Shift lens
« on: 2019-11-01, 14:37:30 »
+10 for this.

In the meantime, has anyone figured out what the AC '2 point perspective' tickbox conversion is doing when it renders in Corona? It seems to widen the field of view by some amount. Maybe if there's a consistent ratio each time it does it, then we could change original FOV to end up with a result we want?

Thanks. So best uninstall the A3 version first? Or will the A4 install just replace it?

(Just want to minimise the chance of things going wrong!)

Hi all, just spotted this thread.

The main download page links to Alpha 3. Should I be using Alpha 4 instead? I'm on AC21 - is this build just as stable?

(And if I choose to use A4 instead, do I need to uninstall A3 first? Or just install this over the top?)


Excellent, thanks all.

Thanks both. So to clarify, the only lighting option for ArchiCAD users is the CoronaLight object? It can't be achieved through surfaces?

Thanks Maru. I can't see an option in the ArchiCAD Surface palette for a Corona Light Material - only Self Illumination. Where do I find it?

Hi, just installed Corona and it seems amazing so far - thanks so much!

I'm about to start introducing lots of interior lights to a large model. My usual AC workflow (Maxwell / CineRender / etc) is to model light objects and use emitting surfaces to generate light.

Should I be doing this in Corona too? Or is the Corona Light object a better bet? I'd like good control over light colour and intensity without adding to rendering time.

Any advice appreciated!

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