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Hi, I'm trying to understand linear workflow in the hope of improving my renders.

I assume it's possible in AC21 / Corona A5 - would anybody be able to share some key settings?


   I read a tip here that suggested if we use the AC Photorendering Settings palette to initiate the render, then it keeps the 2 point perspective correct.

But it seems I then can't output the other render elements (masks, etc), as these only seem to work from the VFB window? Or am I missing something?

Hi, just installed Corona and it seems amazing so far - thanks so much!

I'm about to start introducing lots of interior lights to a large model. My usual AC workflow (Maxwell / CineRender / etc) is to model light objects and use emitting surfaces to generate light.

Should I be doing this in Corona too? Or is the Corona Light object a better bet? I'd like good control over light colour and intensity without adding to rendering time.

Any advice appreciated!

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