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"ULA" background item notifications on macOS

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I'm running MacOS Ventura on a Mac studio M1 ultra
Since I installed the new corona 9, every morning when I boot my Mac I get a bunch of ula background task notification (see attachment)... I have to go to the system setting/login item to disable ula to stop those notifications otherwise I get a notification every 30 seconds.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there, please try uninstalling the ULA.

I did

But when I re-install corona it's back again... and maybe it's important for something as it comes with corona :-)

Every time you install Corona Render the ULA is part of the installer with Cosmos and Chaos License so you need to remove it every time due to older components of the Corona HF1 installer.
This issue happens every time you try to install current release on Ventura OSX. Developers must be upgrade the installer with new Chaos Components. Five minutes of work but this issue is out from OSX Ventura day one. Maybe corona developers are busy for upgrading the installer.
Put it on the trash and all will be impossible to uninstall due to a incomprehensible applications stored on chaos folder.

We are aware of this problem and a fix is in the works. Meanwhile, please always contact us about it here:
Our technical support team will assist you.


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