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Corona Render Nodes


Hi all

We're updating to Max 2024 & Corona 10,

We have a few systems we don't use as workstations, only for rendering animations.

We've bought 1x 5 Render Nodes.

We can see that we have the render nodes in our Chaos account.

Is it a case of installing Corona as usual (by signing into Chaos etc) and when rendering over the network (without Max open), the render node will be picked up?



Aram Avetisyan:

Yes. Things are meant to work automatically, you just need to have Corona installed and be signed in in Chaos License server on the nodes.

By "network rendering" - you mean rendering using CoronaDR or some other way/software?
Nevertheless, the license server should automatically recognize and assign the nodes.

So, proceed with the workflow as you planned, and let us know in case something unexpected happens.

Hi Aram, thanks for the reply.

Great, I'll set everything up as usual.

When I said rendering over the network I meant using a render manager (Pulze Render Manager for example) to render our animations.


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