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Corona Slicer and material id

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Hello all! First post here. Sorry if it is in the wrong place. My questions is very simple: Is there a way for corona slicer to follow the material id of the object? When i use a multi material the slicer doesn't know what to use to cap. See the image attached. 


I don't think that currently that's possible to achieve with Corona slicer, but i'll move your topic to the feature request board - i think this would be pretty useful feature to have.

Thanks! Right now what i'm using as a workaround is having two slicers, but would be awesome having just one

Aram Avetisyan:

Corona Slicer does not know how to "handle" the IDs, at they are coming from the slicing objects and not from the sliced object.
In the very example you posted, it is more like displacing the geometry. In such case, a Decal affecting only the displacement of the object will work exactly as you want. The issue is that it may be hard to "get" this displacement texture. Again, for the very example you posted, it can be relatively easy with using simple uv mapping and/or projection modifier, but of course to have it work with slicer will be better. This can be considered as a feature request indeed.

Thanks for the tip, but i'm afraid it won't work properly for me. Just a bit of context: i'm a modeler and i work with archviz and theses slices are meant to be like these (see attached file). Using the slicer turned out to be waaaay faster than modeling it by hand AND it is easier to edit the position afterwards. Altough i could use a displacement map, with the slicer i have much more control and i can ensure that the artists will be capable of making minor adjustments by themselves.
Currently the workaround is using one slicer per material and is working fine. I'm glad that this can be a feature in the future. Thanks for the help!


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