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Corona Renderer and the emergence of AI?

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I'm hoping it's going to be a listening command tool that gets pluged into Max which lends its code for any and every 3rd party plugin to get itself involved in - It's AI, it's endless, I'm sure pple can write 1001 ideas right here and now with what they'd like from AI in their minds.

Some people fear it'll take their jobs away, I don't agree with that. AI in it's first form will be an equivalent of having an assistant in your 3D Studio Max (Or lets just say computer, cause we all know we're going there) that does what you ask it to. AI will firstly and mostly liberate you from not understanding how to do things, but knowing the output you want. We as a whole will become less technical, more artistical.

I'm hoping to throw my mouse & keyboard away in 5 years max :)


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