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Hosting VR tours


Philip kelly:

Being a squarespace user there are limitations to using a SP site Template.
Hosting VR tours is one of them.
A separate Sub domain is required to do so, and also at a cost.

How are being other companies doing this?

Thank you

Hi Phillip,

Outside of self hosting, there are lots of decent online hosting platform for VR Tours / 360ยบ walkthroughs - Kuula, Theasys, theViewer are three which I've used commercially or tested with clients in the past. They're all fairly similar and each all have their pros and cons, and most offer a trial version before paying for a subscription so I'd suggest setting up an account and giving them a try to see how you get on.

Overall, I've probably seen the best results through theViewer - but it's also quite a pricey option.

Philip kelly:
Good korning
Just checking has anybody come across another VR hosting site for clients.
Some in the past have been very expensive, so looking for a econmical one to host on that lets you custiomise the preview from clinets for presentations.

Thank you


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