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Dear Santa Claus...


...I would like to receive the latest alpha of Corona renderer for the Christmas day, is it possible? Thanks! :)

Ps. I have been a very good boy this year :)

Hi Keymaster,
I read your post about "daily builds" and I'm wondering if there will be a public alpha build in the near future?


there should be one in 2 months

Ludvik Koutny:
Yes, past time from September to now was quite weak when it comes to development activity, and it will continue to be so for next month or so, as Keymaster is currently working on some research which is mostly unrelated to Corona, thus he does not have much time.

Good news is that if a particular plan works out, he could then be working on Corona full time, which could mean even faster development than what was before release of Alpha v3. ;)

Thanks for info! :)


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