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Could some kind soul please document how to go about setting up an interior walktrhough using PT and Hd.
It would be a massive help to get me more upto speed.

Ok maybe I should try to show you where I am stuck. I have tried PT primary  PT secondary and managed to get a good clean render with no flicker. But that was just an exterior object that was moving. I am not sure if this would work for an interior walkthrough. I did a test with PT primary and HC secondary, but was not too sure how to set it up to do the cache pass. What i got was pretty bad flicker. Any help would be hot. Will post  a scene if I can get some help.
Thanks in advance.

have you tried saving the GI (rendering 1 frame with save GI checkbox on), and then reusing it (using other frames with load GI checked)?

I will try that. Its a long walkthrough so I am not sure how well it will work out, but I will render over night and see what I get in the morning.

It is not much view-dependent, unless you push it to limits (walking across several rooms)


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