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Challange - Rendering - NOW WITH POLL!

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--- Quote from: maru on 2012-11-09, 15:56:54 ---Ok, I'm in but I don't quite get it. Who has to make this scene? What kind of scene? Interior/exterior, character, arch vis, part of animation? Should this scene be simple or complex? What are the goals? To make the scene more attractive, funny, realistic? Could you post that original challenge thread?

--- End quote ---

the point is very very simple, averybody get the same scene - it does not matter what scene interior/exterior probably... Then you will download that scene, put some materials & lights. The hit F9 and post results.

for example this scene:

and theese results (waaaaaaaaay back from 2006)

Ok, now I get it. :)

very well... it is bit blindshot, but I am preparing exterior scene for "Corona Challange"...

this is just a little sneak preview on the scene.. I am not any kind of designer nor the architect... If anyone would like to participate in genesis of the challange, i would apreciate it massively!

ps: can some admin/mod put on poll if some people are willing to participate?


Nice ! i'm in :)


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