Author Topic: Viewport display of Corona select map disregards texmap coordinate transforms  (Read 3086 times)

2019-06-03, 10:59:22


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More a feature request but I found this is quite limiting using Corona select map.


- Create a CoronaMaterial
- Connect a CoronaSelect map into diffuse
- Connect some random map in slot 0
- Activate "show shaded material in viewport" on the CoronaSelect map
- Change any map coordinate parameters like tiling or size

-> No viewport change.

- IR render -> map renders differently (correctly)

Viewport display is correct when activating "show shaded material in viewport" on a connected map in a slot, but when having multiple maps connected and you switch map, you always need to explicitly select a map and activate the viewport display for that map (again). I don't know if this is a general restriction or if it could basically be done.

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2019-08-14, 14:28:10
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Thanks for reporting this. It works when not using the select map in the middle so this seems like a bug to me.

I'll report it to the dev team.



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